How much will my training cost?

The ACT Government provides a contribution towards the cost of your training. The amount of subsidy for each qualification is different, depending on the level of skills needs and the total costs to deliver the training.

Course Fees

There will be some costs that you will need to contribute to your training. Each registered training organisation will charge a student fee. The fee may vary depending on the training provider you choose, as each registered training organisation sets its own fee structure. Information about the fees charged by each registered training organisation is available in the list of Skilled Capital Training Providers. If you are already employed, your employer may choose to provide a contribution to your student fee.

Student Course Fees

A list of Skilled Capital Training Providers and their fees.

(Note: student fee information for each registered training organisation will be available in early 2015)


You may be eligible for a fee concession. Fee concessions are available to you if, at the start of training, you hold a current and valid:

  • Australian Government Health Care Card; or
  • Australian Government Low Income Health Care Card; or
  • Australian Government Pensioner Concession Card; or
  • Veteran’s Gold Card.

If you are eligible for a concession, you may not have to pay part or all of your student course fees. Contact your preferred registered training organisation for more information about fee concessions and fee waivers.

Student Completion Payment

You may be eligible to receive a completion payment from the ACT Government when you successfully complete your training. For eligibility rules, please refer to the ACT Standard Compliance Guide for Skilled Capital.