The ACT Government is committed to supporting the skills and innovation base of new industries in the ACT. As part of this commitment, we are running the Canberra region WorldSkills competitions.

WorldSkills is an international vocational education and excellence competition event for trainees, apprentices and students. The competitions give participants a chance to showcase and show what can be achieved with real industry skills.

Winners of local competitions can go on to represent at Australian and even international competitions, demonstrating the ACT’s vocational education and training (VET) quality on the world stage.

Learn how WorldSkills helped young local landscaper, Dougal King, who competed for Australia in the international stage in Dubai in 2018.

For more information refer to the WorldSkills Australia website.

Who can compete

VET in School (VETiS) competitions

The VETiS competitions are open for students who are enrolled in the first year of a VET course in secondary schools.

Medallists from the Canberra region competitions may qualify for one of the 12 VETiS categories at the national championships in 2020. To compete at the national championships, competitors must be enrolled in a VET course in secondary or senior secondary school in 2020.


Open competitions

To enter the Canberra region competition, you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • be undertaking an apprenticeship or traineeship
  • be undertaking studies towards a qualification at an registered training organisation, TAFE or university
  • have undertaken/completed a relevant qualification at an registered training organisation, TAFE or university

There are no age criteria to enter the Canberra region competitions however, there are conditions for proceeding to the 2020 National Championships.


National championships

A competitor at the WorldSkills Australia National Championships should not be older than 24 years in the year of competition (for example they must be born on or after 1 Jan 1996 to be eligible for the 2020 championships).


International competition

A competitor at the WorldSkills international competition must not be older than 22 in the year of the competition.

2019 Competition Results and Photos

Congratulations to everyone who competed in the 2019 Canberra region competitions. Winners were announced at a Medal Ceremony held at the Ainslie Football Club on 7 November 2019.



Gold medalist - Jed Grundy
Silver medalsit - Daniel Buckmaster
Bronze medalist - Gary Bailey
Competition photos



Gold medalist - Jacob Shillington
Silver medalsit - Sonia McDonald
Bronze medalist - Griffin Bell
Competition photos



Gold Medallist - Adam Hinds
Silver Medallist - Liam Creech
Bronze Medallist - Craig Battams
Competition photos


Cyber Security

Gold Medallists - Kavitha Kamath and Luke Williams
Silver Medallists - Scott Paterson and Javier Sallato
Competition photos


Electrical Control

Gold Medallist - Thomas Robertson
Silver Medallist - Branden Patafta
Bronze Medallist - Jack Parkyn
Competition photos


Electrical Installation

Gold Medallist - Branden Patafta
Silver Medallist - Thomas Robertson
Bronze Medallist - Thomas Read
Competition photos



Gold Medallist - Jannica Ilpola
Silver Medallist - Mohsen Karimi
Bronze Medallist - Jason Waters
Competition photos



Gold Medallist - Jacob Casey
Silver Medallist - Samuel Ryrie
Bronze Medallist - Joshua Newman
Competition photos


Landscape Construction

Gold Medallist - Hamish Gooden
Silver Medallist - Thomas Thompson
Bronze Medallist - Dylan Jones
Competition photos


Painting & Decorating

Gold Medallist - Cody Boles
Silver Medallist - Alex Van Gelder
Bronze Medallist - Caitlyn Langdale
Competition photos



Gold Medallist - Ba Sho Gay Aung Min
Silver Medallist - Mitch Hetherington
Bronze Medallist - William McKenzie
Competition photos


Plumbing and Heating

Gold Medallist - Elliott Nunn
Silver Medallist - Jackson Holdway
Bronze Medallist - Peter Stokes
Competition photos


Refrigeration and Airconditioning

Gold Medallist - Ryan Hanns
Silver Medallist - Andrew Sandy
Bronze Medallist - Andrew Breitkopf
Competition photos


Restaurant Service

Gold Medallist - Dillan Cranshaw
Silver Medallist - Angela De Vera
Bronze Medallist - Tran Gia Bao Le
Competition photos


Retail Baking (Bread)

Gold Medallist - Erin Leslie
Silver Medallist - Rachel Crawford
Bronze Medallist - Sabrina Sanchez
Competition photos


Sheetmetal Technology

Gold Medallist - Cameron Woodhouse
Silver Medallist - Kelly Boxsell
Bronze Medallist - Jarrod Hutchinson
Competition photos


Wall and Floor Tiling

Gold Medallist - Reef Maynard
Silver Medallist - Andrew Pipitone
Bronze Medallist - Jacob Wedding
Competition photos



Gold Medallist - Jack Brown
Silver Medallist - Ben Davis
Bronze Medallist - Dean Gray
Competition photos


VETiS Electrotechnology

Gold Medallist - Daniel Pasquariello
Silver Medallist - Harry Wardale
Bronze Medallist - Thomas Miiller
Competition photos


VETiS Hairdressing

Gold Medallist - Stephanie Lowey
Silver Medallist - Amy Ashcroft Bryant
Bronze Medallist - Paris Burrell-Jackman
Competition photos

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