Skilled Capital Code Changes

As notified in the NCVER’s March 2019 Data Support Bulletin, the Specific funding identifier code '32 - National Partnership Agreement on Skills Reform' has expired for 2019 reporting.

Skilled Capital activity has previously been identified using the following funding codes for reporting and payment claims:

  • Funding source - national = 13
  • Specific funding identifier = 32
  • Funding source - state training authority = SRI

This funding code combination is not valid for training activity for 2019 reporting and will not be accepted by the NCVER’s online AVETMISS Validation Software. Its use will cause the NATfile submission to fail.

To successfully validate your submission, Skilled Capital subjects reported in 2019 must be updated to use the following funding codes.

  • Funding source – national = 11
  • Funding source – state training authority = SKC

The Specific funding identifier is no longer required.

These codes must be used for 2019 reporting of all Skilled Capital subjects. If you are uncertain where these codes need to be updated in your management system, please contact your Student Management System supplier, as they will be able to assist.

If you have any questions or require further information, please email Steve Alston or telephone on 6205 7057.

Posted 21 March 2019