The ACT and Commonwealth Governments have agreed to an extension of JobTrainer. An additional 2,500 places will be available over two years with a mix of full qualifications and short courses. More information will be available soon.

Read the announcement here.

About JobTrainer

Level up your skills for free!

JobTrainer offers free vocational education and training to young people (17 to 24 years, who have finished school), and job seekers across Canberra in areas of employment growth.

This is one of the ways the ACT Government is supporting jobs and the economy during COVID-19.

JobTrainer will fund up to 3,500 training places through three streams in the ACT – through the Skilled Capital program (delivered by private registered training organisations), through the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT), and through the Ginninderry SPARK training and employment initiative.

Training is being delivered in key industries and occupations that are in demand in the ACT. This includes:

  • Community services
  • Healthcare
  • Renewable energy and sustainability
  • Digital and cyber security
  • Construction
  • Hospitality.


If you are interested in the Introduction to Construction short course please contact one of the Registered Training Organisations on the ACT Qualifications Register.

For courses available through the Caberra Institute of Technology (CIT) please visit the JobTrainer page on the CIT website or telephone the CIT on 6207 3188.

For courses available through Ginninderry SPARK training and employment please visit SPARKS programs page on the Ginninderry website or contact the SPARK team by telephone on 1800 316 900 or email