2020 RTO Internal Review Tool - Now available

Training Providers with a Training Initiative Funding Agreement (Agreement) must complete an annual internal review as required under Clause 5.1(2) of the Agreement.

Skills Canberra acknowledges this is an extremely difficult and uncertain time. The tool has been published now, in line with our commitment, for RTOs that would like to commence their internal audit.

Training Providers must use the tool provided by Skills Canberra to conduct and record the outcome of its performance against the Agreement, the ACT Standards for Delivery of Subsidised Training and associated ACT Standards Compliance Guides. This includes completing a range of test actions and uploading documents to demonstrate compliance with specific elements the Agreement, the ACT Standards and Compliance Guides. Training Providers will also be expected to hold evidence to support all claims noted in the tool, which may be requested at any time by Skills Canberra.

The tool must be completed and submitted to Skills Canberra using the 2020 RTO Internal Review Tool (Online).

The submission window will be open for the remainder of 2020 and into early 2021. The submission deadline will be notified later in the year.

The 2020 RTO Internal Review Tool - Smartform Guidelines (DOCX 247KB) or (PDF 413KB) should be read prior to commencing the tool as it contains important information and guidance to assist Training Providers.

The 2020 RTO Internal Review Tool - Overview of Test Actions (DOCX 1.94MB) or (PDF 1.1MB) is also available. This document may assist Training Providers with planning their response to the test actions.

All RTO Internal Review related enquiries can be emailed to Skills Canberra


Posted 2 April 2020